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The trigger for an adult to become involved in a psychotherapeutic process often results from the overwhelming stress and stress of their daily lives. The existence of this intense anxiety is very often the result of fast-paced living and the alternating roles that  has to take on a daily basis. The consequence of all this is
slowly losing contact with his social surroundings and isolating himself emotionally, reaching the point of losing contact with himself. This withdrawal, therefore, may potentially cause greater malfunctioning problems and lead to more severe disturbances. The psychotherapist in these situations is called upon to investigate the causes that led one to experience these unpleasant emotions and to give them the space and time needed to express them. The therapeutic relationship created between the therapist and the patient cultivates a sense of security in which the adult comes
facing its deepest problems.

The goal of the healing process is for the adult to be able to overcome his defenses, to recognize his feelings, to express them and to slowly make himself able to nourish his deepest needs. Throughout this process, cultivating his self-image, comes into better contact with himself, and builds a stronger ego, which helps him to function more effectively in his daily life.

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