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Our personalized programs and guidance are designed to support children, adolescents, and adults in their development.


Welcome to the website of Pronoisi, the Interdisciplinary Center for Psychology and Therapeutic Support. Our center is dedicated to prevention and providing comprehensive information.

We are committed to creating a high-quality therapeutic environment that promotes responsibility and respect for everyone.

Through our collaborations with esteemed therapists and professionals, we have developed a vision that aligns with our goals of prevention and wider dissemination of information.

By connecting with us, you will discover our belief in the innate drive of individuals to continuously evolve and reach their full potential.

Our personalized programs and guidance are designed to support children, adolescents, and adults in their development.

The remarkable progress of the Interdisciplinary Center “Προνόηση” in recent years, paired with the professional success of our talented team, validates that we are on the right path.

Vasilis Rodogiannis,

Evangelia Mandourari Rodogianni

Scientific Manager


  • Psychologist
  • Graduate of Psychology, Panteion University
  • Degree in Councelling, University of Wales
  • Coaching Psychology, Metanoia Institute, London, E.M.D.R. Therapist
  • Member of the Association of Greek Psychologists

Psychologist Evangelia Mandourari – Rodogianni studied at Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences. Since 2003 and has worked with public and private organizations in Greece and England as well also with day centers for people with mental disorders and children in the range of ADHD.

She was educated at the University of Wales and Metanoia London Institute of Counseling Psychology and Life Coaching , the period 2004-2008. In addition, she is trained in Applied Behavior Analysis, in EMDR, Psychodrama and coordination of Parent Schools according to the M. Hourdakis system. She’s back
in Greece in 2008.

Her love for children led her to the creation of the Interdisciplinary Center for Psychological and Therapeutic Support, at which operates a private Day Care Center for children and teens in their range of Diffuse Developmental Disorders. In addition, she participates in educationally seminars and workshops on mental health for parents, students and teachers, coordinates child therapeutic groups, also for parents and students and offers individual counseling to children and adults.

Building Infrastructure

Pronoisi Center is situated at two locations, our primary location is 86 Filaretou Street and 67 Athinas Street in Kallithea. The architectural design of these facilities is intricately aligned with the core philosophy of the center itself.

In essence, the center is crafted to provide a contemporary, welcoming, amicable, and humane environment. This environment serves as a collaborative space for therapists, interdisciplinary teams, and our esteemed visitors. It is furnished with modern amenities while ensuring the availability of essential professional equipment.

The Interdisciplinary Center encompasses guest rooms, administration offices, a conference/seminar room, a specialized room for individuals with special needs, personalized treatment spaces, classrooms, and research facilities. Additionally, specific treatment rooms, including the sensory integration (S I) room, cater to specialized requirements.

Compliant with all relevant legal regulations, Pronoisi Center meets the stipulated building requirements, particularly concerning safety and hygiene. Conveniently located in Kallithea, our centers facilitate easy accessibility via both public and private transportation, contributing to seamless mobility to and from these locations.

(For detailed transportation instructions, please refer to the Contact section).


Psychologists – Child Psychologists
Speech therapists
Special educators
Occupational therapists
Music therapists
Paediatricians – Developmentologists
child psychiatrists

Methods & Approaches

Cognitive-behavioral model
Applied Behavior Analysis
Sensory completion
M. Hourdaki System
Experimental groups
Socialization and independent living programs