Adult Groups

Group Therapy: A Formal Overview

Diverging from traditional psychotherapy, group therapy incorporates dynamic elements such as movements, activities, representations, role plays, and skill exercises. These interventions are designed to facilitate exploration and a deeper understanding of oneself, one’s emotions, and interpersonal dynamics among group members.

Within the secure confines of these sessions, individuals are encouraged to articulate their experiences and emotions, fostering a safe environment for expression. This approach extends beyond verbal communication, encompassing non-verbal avenues for self-expression.

Our group sessions address both the challenges of everyday life and the specific concerns members encounter in their personal journeys and transitional phases. The structured framework provides a platform for individuals to navigate and reflect upon their unique circumstances.

The deliberate cultivation of a secure space for communication, whether verbal or non-verbal, serves to mitigate feelings of isolation from social engagement. Through this therapeutic process, participants find solace and support in a community-oriented setting.


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