I.C.P.T.S. Pronoisi

The Interdisciplinary Center for Psychological and Therapeutic Support “Pronoisi” was created with the aim of providing specialized psychological & therapeutic services.

 Our range of services encompasses mental health, prevention, and information, for all individuals of all ages. With our commitment, we empower individuals by fostering their mental well-being.

The Interdisciplinary Center for Psychological and Therapeutic Support “Pronoisi” welcomes you.

Who we are

Children in the Pronoisis Center have the opportunity, after being evaluated by a team of experienced therapists, to join a personalized intervention program based on their skills and needs. Our programs  adapt and formulate with the objectives of preventing, self-improvement and building a framework that works in a complementary way together with school.

Teens at the Pronoisi Center have the potential to integrate into an organized therapeutic framework that aims to improve their self-awareness, enhance their self-esteem, prevent abusive behaviors, and develop healthy patterns for socializing.

Adults at Pronoisi Center have the opportunity, through counseling provided by acclaimed mental health professionals to cultivate their interpersonal relationships and develop skills useful to effectively manage their day-to-day difficulties and more.


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