Kids & Teens Groups


Interdisciplinary Center for Psychological and Therapeutic Support «Pronoisi»

Group therapy is considered one of the most effective methods of treatment nowadays and is recommended for children and teenagers who face various behavioral problems in their daily lives.

In therapy, child’s and teen’s, respectively, form small groups based on their individul social standards. Within a group they interact with people of the same age and share thoughts, concerns and problems of everyday life. It is a small simulation of the larger society in which they intergrate, where they cultivate socialization skills and healthy coexistence with other children.

The dynamic of these groups help to improve communication skills, interpersonal relationships, and to identify and express emotions.


Through the supportive environment of a group, children and teen’s have the space to express the difficulties they are experiencing, their anger, and to develop the feeling that they are part of a whole.
Throughout this process, they relocate conflicts with significant others, such as parents, friends, or classmates, and the team supports the emergence of the deeper causes that create these conflicts. The dynamic of these teams help improve communication skills, interpersonal relationships as well as the recognition and expression of emotions in a safe environment surrounded by dedicated teachers and psychologists.