Diagnostic Reviews


Interdisciplinary Center for Psychological and Therapeutic Support «Pronoisi»

Our Center offers to parents the opportunity to evaluate children with special educational needs. More specifically, the evaluation process of our center is as follows:

I. Parents apply for their child assessment to us, providing some information on the child’s condition (age, sex) and his or her needs or deficiencies
in educational or social context.

II. The first contact is made with the appropriate therapist, who evaluates the child at the center using appropriate diagnostic tools and provides tests to the parents and the child to get more information about the assessment.

III. After the evaluation process, the child’s needs are recorded and the therapeutic planns are to be integrated into the child’s own needs (rehabilitation, occupational therapy, learning support or psychoeducation) and it is introduced to the parents.

Our center is supported by well-trained mental health professionals and all programs are tailored to each child’s needs.