Diagnostic Reviews

Comprehensive Evaluation Services for Children with Special Educational Needs

At our Center, we extend a valuable opportunity to parents seeking a thorough assessment of their children with special educational needs. Our meticulous evaluation process is designed to ensure a comprehensive understanding of each child’s unique requirements. The procedure unfolds as follows:

I. Application and Information Gathering: Parents initiate the assessment process by submitting an application, furnishing essential details about the child, including age, gender, and specific educational or social challenges. This initial stage allows us to gain insights into the child’s individual needs.

II. Initial Assessment by Specialized Therapists: Upon receipt of the application, our proficient therapists engage in the first contact with the child. Using appropriate diagnostic tools, they conduct a comprehensive evaluation at our center. The child undergoes tests, and pertinent information is shared with both the parents and the child to enhance our understanding of the assessment.

III. Tailored Therapeutic Plans: Following the evaluation process, the identified needs of the child are meticulously documented. Subsequently, individualized therapeutic plans are formulated, incorporating elements such as rehabilitation, occupational therapy, learning support, or psychoeducation. These plans are then presented to the parents for discussion and integration.

Our center is staffed by highly trained mental health professionals, ensuring that all programs are custom-tailored to address the specific needs of each child. We take pride in delivering comprehensive and personalized support to facilitate the optimal development and well-being of every child under our care.


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