Speech Therapy


Interdisciplinary Center for Psychological and Therapeutic Support «Pronoisi»

Speech therapy is the science that deals with the prevention, evaluation, diagnosis and therapeutic intervention of communication disorders in children and adults. It aims in developing extracurricular and verbal communication, the clarity of speech and voice, and generally speech itself. We can  also treat chewing and swallowing disorders whatever their causes.

Development of extracurricular and verbal communication


When is Speech Therapy Needed?

1.If the child has difficulty in using and understanding oral speech, if there is difficulty in formulating or understanding sentences or suggestions, making grammatical and expressive errors that are not appropriate according age factors and if there is difficult to participate in a conversation or express them. his thoughts.

2.If you are articulating some letters incorrectly or if you are confusing or omitting sounds or syllables while speaking.

3.If he has problems with his speech flow and symptoms of stuttering.