Music therapy


Interdisciplinary Center for Psychological and Therapeutic Support «Pronoisi»

Music Therapy is an innovative form of intervention that is aimed at all of us, whose primary goal is to promote health and improve the quality of life through the use of music. It is an art and science meeting that functions as a medicine of the soul from ancient times. Based on years of research, music therapy can help develop and improve communication, social skills, emotional development, improve quality of life, relieve pain and more. for therapy sessions it is NOT required to have  music education of some degree. Interactive therapeutic intervention is based on the spontaneous production of music through musical instruments, voice and body.

We should also emphasize that in music therapy the acquisition of musical skills is NOT the main objective. The use of music is intended to meet the individual’s therapeutic needs and to overcome any difficulties he or she faces in their daily lives. During music therapy sessions, where specific therapeutic goals are set with the help of a certified professional music therapist with approved undergraduate or postgraduate studies on the subject, the patient (regardless of age, gender, social / cultural background) understands gradualy his id and empowers his communication skills in interpersonal relationships. For children and adults with special needs, music therapy has also shown significant benefits mainly in cases of people with autism, learning disabilities, mental disorders, emotional disorders and socialization issues.

Musical knowledge is NOT necessary.

In a nutshell, in Music Therapy, music is the therapeutic tool that helps us live in the present, listen to our inner world, come into direct contact with our emotions and connect with one another, creating sounds and leaving our voice and body free.